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Quick, simple but powerful Cross Platform image editor.

Keyboard shortcuts

Menu Shortcut Action
File Ctrl+N Launch the New file dialog.
File Ctrl+O Launch the Open file dialog.
File Ctrl+S Save the current file.
File Ctrl+Shift+S Save the current file with a new file name.
File Ctrl+Shift+W Closes the current file.
File Ctrl+P Print the current file.
File Ctrl+J Launch the Image properties dialog.
File Ctrl+Q Quit the application.
Edit Ctrl+C Copy current image.
Edit Ctrl+V Paste current image.
Edit Ctrl+Shift+V Paste current image as new image.
Image Ctrl+H Launch the Resize image dialog.
Image Ctrl+U Duplicate the current image into a new tab.
Image Ctrl+Shift+H Crop the current image based on your selected area.
Selection Ctrl+A Select the whole current image as your selected area.
View Ctrl+L Show/hide the toolpalette.
View Ctrl+Shift(+)+ Increase zoom level.
View Ctrl(+)- Decrease zoom level.
View Ctrl+0 Original zoom level. (100%)
View Ctrl+F Set application to full screen.

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