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Quick, simple but powerful Cross Platform image editor.


Pointer tool

Create selections on an image. Selections can then be used to copy a section of an image or crop to the selected area.

Colour picker

Pick a colour from an image and set this colour as either a primary (left click) or secondary colour(right click).

Magic wand

Select areas of an image using edge detection.

Line tool

Draw lines on an image.

Paint bucket

Fill large areas on images with either a primary (left click) or secondary colour(right click).

Spray can

Spray colour within a radius in a spread pattern.

Paint brush

Standard paint brush with basic brushes.

Advanced paint brush

Advanced paint brush with more options and artistic brush types.

Clone Stamp

Clone a section/area of an image and use it as a stamp.

Blur tool

Blur parts of an image by holding left click and moving the radius to areas you need to blur.

Eraser tool

Basic eraser tool to remove your painting mistakes.

Smudge tool

Smudge pixels together using the radius of the tool while holding left click.

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