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Quick, simple but powerful Cross Platform image editor.

User manual

Welcome to the Photoflare user manual. This is information aimed at end users to help understand how to use the current features in the application.

Table of contents

Creating a new image

Images are created by using the New file dialog. This can be accessed via "File >> New...", the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+N).

Opening files

Open files with the Open file dialog. This can be accessed via "File >> Open...", the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+O).

Supported formats

Resizing images

Resize images with the Image size dialog. This can be accessed via "Image >> Image size...", the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+H).

This has similar options to the new file dialog. One new option here is the "Lock ratio" option. This will keep the ratio of the image intact if you change the width/height.

Cropping images

To crop an image use the PointerTool (first tool in the palette). Left click and drag to select an area to crop. Right click to bring up the context menu. Select the "Crop" option.


Pointer tool

Create selections on an image. Selections can then be used to copy a section of an image or crop to the selected area.

Colour picker

Pick a colour from an image and set this colour as either a primary (left click) or secondary colour(right click).

Magic wand

Select areas of an image using edge detection.

Line tool

Draw lines on an image.

Paint bucket

Fill large areas on images with either a primary (left click) or secondary colour(right click).

Spray can

Spray colour within a radius in a spread pattern.

Paint brush

Standard paint brush with basic brushes.

Advanced paint brush

Advanced paint brush with more options and artistic brush types.

Clone Stamp

Clone a section/area of an image and use it as a stamp.

Blur tool

Blur parts of an image by holding left click and moving the radius to areas you need to blur.

Eraser tool

Basic eraser tool to remove your painting mistakes.

Smudge tool

Smudge pixels together using the radius of the tool while holding left click.

Adjusting hue

Launch the Hue Variation dialog. This can be accessed via "Adjust >> Hue Variation...". You can adjust either the hue via "Colorize" or "Hue" option.


Launch via the toolbar button. Easily create gradients via the Gradient dialog. You can select the gradient colours, direction and what type of gradient you would like. Gradients can be created on new images or applied to existing images.

Add/Edit text

To add text to an image use the Text dialog. This can be accessed via "Image >> Text..." or via the toolbar button..

Batch processing/Automation

Launch via "Tools >> Automate/Batch..." or via the toolbar button.

Add your source files and set the output folder

Adjust image size or canvas size

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation or gamma correction

Apply any of the available filters

Rotate or flip

Final summary screen - Click Ok to confirm


The Preferences dialog contains all of the settings for Photoflare's features. They are separated into sections to make them easy to understand.




Example of compression dialog when saving .jpg files.


Default values